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Garcia's Professional Tree Service - Tree Removal

Tree Removal

We have been removing trees for 20 years. We are fully insured and satisfaction is guaranteed. You can feel confident that we will remove your tree quickly, safely, and without damaging your existing structures.

Some Reasons to have a Tree Removed

We have already extracted hundreds of trees in the Houston Metropolitan Area. No tree is too big or small.
Garcia's Professional Tree Service - Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Our work has always stood out as the best in our field. This is because we have the best people and the best equipment for the job. The owner is always on the job working along side his men to ensure you get the best possible service.

There are many reasons for trimming and pruning your trees on a regular basis, including:

  • Trimming, pruning, and removing deadwood and awkward branches helps keep your trees beautiful and healthy, while enhancing grass coverage under the trees
  • The objective of trimming is to produce strong, healthy, attractive trees. By understanding how, when and why to prune, and by following a few simple principles, this objective can be achieved.
  • The main reasons for trimming ornamental and shade trees include safety, health, and aesthetics. In addition, pruning can be used stimulate fruit production and increase the value of timber.
Garcia's Professional Tree Service - Stump Removal

Stump Removal

We can remove any stump effortlessly. Our experts have professional tools required to remove your stump correctly and safely.

A tree stump is what’s left over from a tree that has been removed. Most legitimate tree removal companies will either include the stump removal when they tear down your tree or they’ll offer you the option to have it removed for an additional fee. There are plenty of good reasons to remove a tree stump.


In the event of extreme weather and storm damage, we have the knowledge and equipment to ensure your property and family stays safe and secure.

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